An amazing trip for the family, we do extend the number of people on the boat to 4 when children are included. Whether you are a single adult and three children or two adults and two children, we have special pricing available. This pricing is only applicable to a family trip when 4 people are included in the adventure with a minimum of 2 children.

Family Pricing

$400 - 5 hour trip with 4 people (min 2 children)

$500 - 7 hour trip with 4 people (min 2 children)

Location: Kawartha Lakes and Trent Severn Area

Other pricing and duration options available on the main Services page.


Learn to Fish

A fantastic trip for the beginner or novice angler! A trip that is geared towards teaching the basics. Learn about the equipment, the lures, the patterns, the weather, and even the boat. Get your foundation solid so that when you venture out on your own and start to practice and continue to learn, you don't get frustrated.

Want to get your kids or your spouse or your friend on board with the wonder of fishing? This is the perfect trip to give breath to that spark of fishing passion you want to share. Replace the thoughts of luck with the foundation of technique. 

Fishing guide